About Redeux

What is Redeux?

Redeux is a bi-monthly event sponsored by 25 L Tuesday, 30 L Saturday, and 35 L Sunday.

The event debuted in April 2017 with very favorable reviews.

What makes Redeux different?

In this event, you will find new and older releases with many merchants offering both gacha and non-gacha items.

In each of the merchant stalls, there will be at least one offering at 25, 30, or 35L, and many will also have 25, 50, and 75% off items.

Plus there is a valued customer gift in each stall.  You are invited to come and check out these exceptional bargains.

What’s being said about Redeux?

“Redeux is an exciting place to visit. I have been going for a long time…I have loved seeing the changes, from almost “strictly” a Gorean/Medieval Rp, to one that can be enjoyed by most, if not all, of SL. Great items at great prices, with an amazing variety of merchants, from old and established, to new and exciting…I can’t wait to go each time, and see what’s there!” Kittyn Fuhr – Redeux Customer – March 28, 2018

“Redeux ~ A fantastic and friendly event. When I was first invited to be a merchant there, they were very kind and understanding! They helped me set up, and have the utmost patience with me. They also show no favoritism to new, or old creators and the likes! Their events are always maintained, orderly, and gorgeously setup! I’d recommend Redeux to all! :)” Phoebe Rain (Abondurant) – Redeux Merchant – March 28, 2018

“Redeux is a wonderful event with so much choice at outstanding prices. You can’t find a better bargain with this much variety anywhere else. And to boost you get a gift at every store! Redeux is definitely my go to event for guilty please shopping therapy, that doesn’t leave me broke at the end of it!” Aggie Mactavish – Redeux Merchant & Customer – March 28, 2018

“Redeux features awesome specials, a huge array of gachas, lovely gifts and some amazing creations from many of SL’s top designers. It’s truly a must-see shopping event!” Xarabethe – Redeux Customer – March 28, 2018

How can I join Redeux as merchant?

The event is on invite only, but with so many amazing creators out there it’s easy miss some. If you wish to be invited, please fill in the form here: Expression of Interest

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