FAQ / Contact

What is Redeux?

Redeux is a bi-monthly event that debuted in April 2017.

In this event, you will find new and older releases with many merchants offering both gacha and non-gacha items.

In each of the merchant booths, there will be at least one offering at 50L. Merchants will also offer new releases and other items at discounts of 10%, 25%, 50% and 75% OFF

When does Redeux take place? What time does it open and close?

Redeux takes place in February, April, June, August, October, and December.

Each month, Redeux opens on 14th at Noon and closes on the 21st at Noon.

Can I blog for Redeux?

Yes, you can and you are very welcome to add your pictures to our Flickr Group! You need be logged on Flickr to access the group.  There is no official bloggers group for the event.

How can I join Redeux as merchant?

The event is on invite only, but with so many amazing creators out there it’s easy to miss some. If you wish to be invited, please fill in the interest form here: Expression of Interest 

How can I contact the owners of the event?

Send comments and questions to Lulu (luluts), or Titania Halasy in world via notecard. Redeux is run by SynergyLab Events & Sales.