Over 60 merchants offering both gacha and non-gacha items. In each of the merchant stalls, there will be at least one offering at 50L, and will also have 50% off and 75% off items and NEW EXCLUSIVE items, highlighted with specific tags, and discounted by 25% off for the event.

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You are invited to come and check out these exceptional bargains. Redeux opens December, 14th at Noon and closes on December, 21st at Noon!

The following stores have created items exclusively for men: The Forge (Accessories), Yasum (Clothing), On A Lark (Accessories), Tiar (Clothing), Vegas (Tattoo), Fanxy (Poses), Midna (Accessories), Viki (Clothing), Fallen Gods Inc (Skin and Gacha-Skin), Stargazer (Skin), UNA (Gacha-Clothes), Senses (Poses), Noir (Gacha-Accessories) and Faida (Footwear).

You can check the FLICKR for store preview and great pictures from our bloggers! NOTE, this is an adult FLICKR, so a FLICKR account is necessary to view.

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Shopping Guide – Merchants

Redeux – December Round