We would like to thank all the bloggers who applied to join us and have selected a variety of bloggers representing fashion, accessories, and home and garden style posts.

Redeux Blogger Team

Abihaska [FLICKR] [BLOG]
Arween Whitfield [FLICKR] [BLOG]
Beuanna [FLICKR] [BLOG]
Breezy Carver [FLICKR] [BLOG]
DanayaRed [FLICKR] [BLOG]
Darkdenna [FLICKR] [BLOG]
DemetraLust [FLICKR] [BLOG]
Freyja Nemeth [FLICKR] [BLOG]
Gem Henly [FLICKR] [BLOG]
Janine Wuyts [FLICKR] [BLOG]
Lainey Thorne [FLICKR] [BLOG]
LillyCat Braveheart [FLICKR] [BLOG]
LindaHedda [FLICKR]
Miru in SL (mirunsas) [FLICKR] [BLOG]
Pamellylux [FLICKR] [BLOG]
Pristine Kytori [FLICKR]
Shizuma Ushimawa [FLICKR] [BLOG]
Yoji Yamabushi [FLICKR] [BLOG]
Yramcobain [FLICKR]